The Process

You may be curious as to what your part will be during the making of your Life Legacy Film, so here is a brief overview of the production process:

Life Legacy Films Process:


The first part starts with the initial meeting (or Initial intake session). This is usually done over the phone during our first conversation. At that time, we will get a general overview or outline of your story and make some preliminary decisions as to what themes or events you would like to mention or highlight in your films and decide which you would like to "feature". This will primarily be decided by which of these life events have impacted you the most and or forged who you are today. With this overview, we can determine which film package you would like to start with, determine if your story will require additional days of shooting and if so, how many. We can then solidify a written agreement based on this information, your personal priorities and budget. At the end of this meeting, we will provide you with a list of the supporting documents we would like you to provide for your documentary. These documents can include still pictures, home movies and or videos, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, and more. Prior to ending this conversation, we will schedule a date to meet with you in person, to conduct a "Comprehensive Intake Session".



The "Comprehensive Intake Session" will take place at your home and will generally last three or more hour (we will arrive with one video camera, microphone and probably a computer scanner).



The first thing we will do is have you give us a brief tour of your home. During this time you will point out any rooms or items that you deem to be relevant to your stories. For example, this may include a porch that you are well known for sitting at, a garden that you are well known for tending, or similar items or places of that nature. We will also take note of the layout of your furniture and display items to best determine where to shoot your final interview and where we may want to shoot interviews with additional people (if your storyboard requires). This will also provide us with possible options for good backdrops to your final documentary.



We will then have you sit down at a table full of the items we have asked you to provide for the film and you will then share a very detailed version of the stories you will be sharing in your documentary (you will be recorded, as a reference for us to use when writing a storyboard). During your storytelling, you will show us the pictures, movies, and similar items that you feel match  those parts of the final stories. We will then select which items will be best for the final documentary and either film them that day, scan them for future filming at our studio, or if need be, we will return another day to film them.

Together, we will determine which parts of the stories are essential. We will then determine if we need to shoot additional footage on your property and where, or if it will require additional days of shooting at home or off-site (possible off-site locations may include your place of business, at a park, beach, family BBQ or any other location that you agree to be essential to the stories. If additional dates are agreed upon, we will discuss pricing and formalize it in writing at that time, as well as schedule a date or dates for these locations and your formal interview. Prior to leaving, we will let you know where we will be shooting your formal on-camera interview, where, if any, shots will be taken on the property and will then give you all of the instruction you will need to prepare yourself for delivering a compelling interview on camera.



This next phase in the process is for us to take all of the information and items we gathered during your intake sessions and form them into a storyboard, in order to determine the essentials of how the story will be told. This will be a condensed version of the stories taken from your own words, and determines where to place pictures and the like, as well possible background music selections. We may contact you from time-to-time for clarification on certain details, or if we think of new pictures or similar items we will need for the story, but for the most part, this is all us. At some time prior to the final interview, we will definitely contact you to go over the final version and to prepare you for delivering a final interview that you will be proud of.



On the day of the interview we will arrive with a truckload of video gear. We will setup our lights, cameras and microphones, then begin the interview. After your award-worthy interview, we will proceed to shoot any other footage included in the storyboard, then pack up for the day.


Once again, post-production is mostly on us. We will take all of the footage and additional items you have provided us with, and based on the storyboard, proceed with our Hollywood editing magic. Once completed, we will contact you and let you know when it is ready for your viewing enjoyment!



So if you haven't already done so, pick up the phone and give us a call right now to get your film started.



(408) 975-9325